1956 Chevrolet Accessories

1956 Chevrolet For Sale

1956 Chevrolet Accessories – Options continued to play a big part in Chevy’s success. In 1956 General Motors offered over 50 accessories on their 1956 Chevrolet. Seatbelts were offered for the first and were a bargain at just $10.95. Add a shoulder harness for only $9.95 as Chevrolet was pushing safety. The list of accessories also included a Cadillac style automatic head lamp dimmer for $44.25 and a remote control door mirror for $6.95. Air conditioning was still a luxury for most mid-fifties buyers, but Chevy helped make it less so by reducing the price of its “Four-Season” system by a sizable $135.00. Although, at $430.00 it was still pretty pricey. Radio choices expanded by one, ranging from $63.50 for the basic manual tune set to $105.00 for the pushbutton signal seeking unit.

Power windows and power front seats were up $10.00 each to $155.00. But power steering still cost $92.00 and power brakes were a bargain at $38.00. Among low cost accessories were trunk and under hood lamps at $1.95 each, a visor vanity mirror cost $1.60 and a non-glare rear view mirror was only $4.50. Choose a foot operated windshield washer for $6.75 or you could add a automatic windshield washer for $9.95. Obviously there were plenty of 1956 Chevrolet Accessories to promote and Chevrolet wanted its dealers to blitz the message as loudly as possible. Probably the most unusual new accessory offered on the 1956 Chevy has to be the automatic top raiser on the Bel Air Convertible. Two others were the front fender top molding and the Kool Kooshions. One item that was an option on the 1955 Chevrolet, an oil filter element, was now standard on most engines.

1956 Chevrolet Accessories - Bel Air
1956 Chevrolet Accessories – 1956 Chevrolet Belair

1955 Chevrolet Accessories

  • Accelerator pedal cover
  • All Weather Air Conditioning
  • Armrests
  • Automatic top raiser (convertible)
  • Autronic Eye headlamp control
  • Back-up lamps
  • Body sill moldings
  • Cigarette lighter
  • Compass
  • Continental wheel carrier
  • Courtesy lamps
  • Door edge guard
  • Door handle shields
  • Electric clock
  • Electric power windows
  • Electric shaver
  • Electric windshield wipers
  • Exhaust extension
  • Fender antenna
  • Fender guard
  • Floor mats
  • Front fender shield
  • Front fender top moulding
  • Glareshades
  • Heater and defroster
  • Inside visors
  • Kool Kooshions
  • License plate frame
  • Locking gas cap
  • Non-glare rearview mirror
  • Nylon, plastic, fiber seat covers
  • Outside rearview mirror
  • Outside visor
  • Power brakes
  • Power positioned front seat
  • Power steering
  • Radiator insect screen
  • Radio manual
  • Radio push button
  • Radio signal seeking
  • Rear seat speaker
  • Safetylight and mirror
  • Seatbelts
  • Self deicing wiper blades
  • Spot lamp
  • Tinted safety glass
  • Tissue dispenser
  • Tool kit
  • Traffic light viewer
  • Vent shades
  • Vibrator horn
  • Visor vanity visor
  • Wheel covers
  • Whitewall tires
  • Windshield washer
  • Wire wheel covers
  • Wiring junction block

1956 Chevrolet Two-Ten Accessories
1956 Chevrolet Two-Ten Accessories

1956 Chevrolet One-Fifty Accessories
1956 Chevrolet One-Fifty Accessories

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